StoryCatchers is operated by Carolyn Brady-Beeler, an award winning journalist in radio news.  Carolyn spent 17 years in radio as a morning news anchor, reporter, DJ and news director at various stations on the East Coast, most recently at WINK 104 Radio in Harrisburg, PA.

The idea for StoryCatchers came in 1999, when Carolyn drove to Wilkes-Barre, PA to interview her Aunt, who was the only one left on the Brady side of the family who knew all the stories.   It was then that Carolyn realized the joy in recording peoples stories…better than any journalism award she had ever received.

“I remember thinking, if only this could be my business, interviewing people about their lives. Someday, maybe …” 

Over the years, as more interviews were conducted, Carolyn realized the joy wasn’t just on her end. She noticed the satisfaction people felt by sharing their stories. One person said, “You don’t want to hear about my boring life.” Carolyn said  "Yes, I do want to hear about your boring life, and I’ll bet a lot of other people do too!” After the interview, the woman said it was one of the best afternoons she had spent in a long time. 

When the opportunity arose for Carolyn to return to radio full-time in 2010, she had to make the decision. Go back to radio…or try something she had always dreamed of?

In 2011, StoryCatchers captured its first interview.