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These soundbites from actual interviews illustrate the kinds of rich, meaningful memories captured and preserved by StoryCatchers.


Sam Bressi

Interviewed November 2014

sam bressi

Sam gives advice on living a good life.


Advice montage from multiple interviews

"What made your marriage work?"

This montage of comments from multiple interviews offers insight and advice on marriage.


Sherri Dietz

thinking outside the box

Not all interviews are the same. In this one, Sherri Dietz wanted to share the life story of her sister who had passed away a few years after her children were born. So Sherri and her mother sat down with Storycatchers to share their memories. This is a short example of how it was captured.  


Ogurek Sisters

Good Looking Italian Fellow

The Ogurek sisters from Avoca, PA. This special recording is unique because the three remaining sisters (from a family of 9 siblings) were interviewed together, sitting side by side, as a group of family members listened and asked questions. In this particular segment, two of the sisters were asked to tell a story about the other sister.


Jim & Gail Roth


Paper Route

Jim talks about having a paper route and growing up in Gettysburg.