standard interviews


 1 CD interview/standard interview:  $250.00  

(package includes edited interview, tracks, personalized packaging with 2 pictures)        

Interview-time that can fit on one CD: 1 hour 15 minutes.  

2 CD interview: $350.00

3 CD interview: $450.00

30-minute interview


Reserved for those in early stages of dementia: $100.00 

(Includes personalized CD label and protective sleeve; does not include editing, tracks, pictures or packaging.)



Storycatchers works with area Hospice providers to record a 30-minute interview with patients. 

If your Hospice company does not provide this service, please suggest to them that they should offer it!    

If it's still not offered, please call us and we will make it happen. *Storycatchers welcomes a donation for this service.

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transcription services

A  typed manuscript of the interview can be purchased and added to your package.

Storycatchers works with The Document House, a York County based transcription services company.

The rate for transcription is $2.20 per minute. 


Extra copy of interview:   Single CD package $15.00;  Double package $20.00

Flashdrive containing interview:   $15.00

Gift box w/ribbon and Storycatcher's logo:   $2.99 per box.

Shipping:   Included

Travel Cost

Storycatchers is based in York County, PA. Interviewers travel one hour free of charge. After that, driving & time reimbursement will be $40 per hour.

An example of this:  travel time is 1 hour 15 minutes. That's an additional 30 min.  Cost: $20.