What will StoryCatchers provide?

  • A private interview session at the person's home or at Storycatchers in East York.

  • One copy of the interview on audio CD, with photos taken at the interview.

  • Interview is edited & tracks are added for easy access to different times in your loved one's life.

  • Option to purchase gift wrap/Storycatcher's box: $5 extra.

How long is the interview?

  • 1 CD interview/standard interview: 1 hour 20 minutes.

  • 2 CD interview: 2 hours 40 minutes.

  • 3 CD interview: 4 hours.

  • Special offer for hospice patients/people in early stages of dementia: 30 minute interview.

How much does it cost?

  • 1 CD interview/standard interview: $250.00

  • 2 CD interview: $250.00 + $100 (extra interview time + editing/tracks) = $350.00

  • 3 CD interview: $350.00 + $100 = $450.00

  • 30-minute interview: $100 ~ This is reserved for those who can't sit for a standard interview or who are in the early stages of dementia. (*This option doesn't include personalized packaging or tracks. Cd label will be personalized and placed in a protective sleeve.)

  • 30-minute interview (Hospice patients) ~ no charge. Donation to Storycatchers is appreciated, so we can continue to save the life stories of people in similar circumstances.

  • Extra flashdrive containing interview: $15.00

  • Gift box/special Storycatchers presentation: $5.00 per box.

    Go to pricing page for more information

What if we want extra CDs or a flashdrive?

  • Extra cds & a flashdrive are $15 each for single cd package. $20 each for double cd package.

Can we erase a comment made during an interview?

  • Yes. If you realize after saying something that you want that comment removed, it will be deleted. If changes are needed after a recording is completed, call Storycatchers and it will be corrected during the editing process.