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At StoryCatchers, we record the life story of your loved one – their words, their voice. We use high-definition audio recording equipment to capture their memories, leaving you with a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.


Private consultation


The standard StoryCatchers program includes a private consultation with the person arranging the interview, a one-hour private interview, two professionally edited audio CDs, and individually designed packaging.

Convenient ... and compassionate

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Storycatchers is mobile!  We will come to you. No need to arrange transportation for your friend or loved one to be interviewed. 

StoryCatchers conducts the interview with gentleness and respect. This can be a special but emotional time for the person being interviewed, so we ensure the process is handled with dignity and professionalism.


putting you at ease ... 

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A StoryCatcher session typically lasts about two hours. An experienced  radio journalist carries out the entire interview and editing process.

Why audio only? StoryCatchers captures sound exclusively because people tend to relax, open up and speak more authentically without a camera present.

I can now hear his voice, now that he is no longer with me...